USA Should Offer Sanctuary to Middle East Christians

As radical Islam takes fuller control of the countries of the Middle East Christians are facing increased persecution throughout the region.

Before the United States entered Iraq 800,00 to 1 million Christians were living in Iraq.  Since the occupation began Christian churches have seen a huge increase in attacks and bombings.  Nearly 1,000 Christians have been killed.  Today only 400,000 Christians remain in Iraq and with the U.S. pulling out the remaining soldiers there, violence against Christians can only be expected to rise.

Christian persecution in the Middle East have been well documented, especially in Arab Spring Nations such as Egypt.

Why hasn’t the United States offered to take in these Christians, especially those who face the greatest threats?

I know that God has them there for a reason–but for those who would accept, at least for the families and children of our brothers and sisters in Christ, we should be doing everything in our power to assist and aid them.  This should certainly include the offering of entrance into this nation.

Not to mention, the church could use a wake up call in the form of coming face to face with those who have suffered for the faith.


About Erimes Jack

Erimes Jack is a 28-year-old college dropout. He has worked as a journalist, a photographer, a secretary, a social worker, a construction worker, a doorman, a waiter, and a sandwich maker.
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